Frantzley Moise

Frantzley Moise is an educator, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. In his book, "Chess 4 Life,Life 4 Chess", Mr. Moise infuses chess with life skills to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their goals and dreams. He advocates that the strategies learned from Serious Play can be used in a compelling way to empower and educate people of all ages.


An educator for 15 years, Mr. Moise has worked with students, parents, and teachers and has presented for an array of national, state and local organizations. Mr. Moise owned and co-owned a number of business and has served in a number of organizations. He has held leadership and advisory positions and has been honored for his distinguished work. Frantzley Moise is proof positive that a little determination and effort can lead to success.


Frantzley Moise provides a variety of services. His specialties includes working with high school students, college students, and executive training's in the following areas:

  • Building Business and Customer Cultures

  • Career Development

  • College Readiness 

  • Goal Setting and Planning

  • Leadership Development  

  • Strategic and Critical Thinking   

  • Wellness