"Early on, most people are told that they are only capable of doing one thing in their lives, really well.  This thinking and approach to human potential is limiting at best...

It's time to start thinking differently." 



Educational and Youth Development


Participants will learn how to make chess moves and  how to apply those moves to life. The- hands- on training is sure to keep participants engage and excited about playing the game and living life.

Personal Development

Stress in a Cup

Professionals will learn how to master stress and maximize their full potential by learning effective ways to deal with stress. Workshop objectives include: learn the difference between mastering stress and managing stress, developing effective ways to maximize performance and learn relaxation techniques.


Professional and Business Development

Leading the Team

Mr. Moise uses "Serious Play" which are thought provoking activities to help professionally develop and enhance leadership skills. Workshop objectives include: learning the importance of starting with the right mindset and ending with the right mindset, developing decision making skills, developing strategies to promote and build a great team, and learning how to work with the team to get checkmate.